'Devadasi Murai', Remembering Devadasis

CD-ROM 'Devadasi Murai', Remembering Devadasis , 1997 a co-production between IGNCA (New Delhi) and Paramparai (Legénd (Hungary))

Sannidhi - "presence" - is the keyword to any South Indian temple. Awareness of concrete presence of the divine made prehistoric sites grow into the architectural wonders of Tamilnadu. Gods inhabit their shrines as long as their presence is celebrated by mankind. In fact, human breath forms the pulse of worship: not only the mind seeks the divine - the voice, all senses and the heart reach out to experience the proximity of the gods.




The Hindu. November 4, 1997. Review by Savitha Padmanabhan

The Hindu, Friday, October 22, 1999. Review by Nandini Ramani

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