The DASI ATTAM curriculum is a graded course taught in Legend, Hungary and in Tamil Nadu, India. Four levels take place during the summer months in Legend; the fifth level travels in Tamil Nadu during January/ February and is open to participants outside the Dasi Attam curriculum. Each level comprises 150hrs. and is certified by the International Dance Council CID-UNESCO, Paris.

This long term, graded curriculum addresses advanced students and dancers of Bharata Natyam only. Artistic training in dance, vocal/ instrumental (vina) music and Tamil poetry, is coupled to critical reflection on historical, socio-cultural questions, like: Who were the devadasis ? What did their dance look like ? How does devadasi repertoire differ from contemporary transformations? What has remained and continues even today of their Intangible Cultural Heritage ?

Repertoire Workshops

The Dasi Attam Curriculum culminates in an evening filling solo dance-concert called Margam. However, short term Workshops offer a selection of this concert-suite to (outside) advanced students of Bharata Natyam. Major compositions like Varnams, Padams/ Javalis and Tillanas are taught during summer in Legend and during winter/ spring in Tamil Nadu. These Workshops can be followed as a unique course or in combination with a Training Intensive that enables the student to perform such choreographies in public.

Shringaram: Padam and Javali Workshop


Mohamana Workshop
can be studied in Tamil Nadu as a 75hrs. Workshop, and, might be followed up by a Training Intensive (75hrs.) towards a solo-performance in Legend. The Workshop, combined with a Training Intensive and performance will be certified as a 150hrs, CID-UNESCO course.


BHOGAM Paddhati
BHOGAM Paddhati teaches ritual repertoire as performed by devadasi Smt.P. Ranganayaki (1914-2005) in the Shri Subrahmanya temple, Tiruttani until 1947.

DEVADASI Repertoire Workshop – travelling International Workshop


ONLINE Courses

Special Events

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Special Events may take place in Hungary, India, or anywhere else where Paramparai Foundation is being invited to share, participate or facilitate. Over the years, Poetry Readings, Lectures, Dance Performances, Home Concerts and Exhibitions have been part of minor and major outdoor collaborations:

Shiva Nataraja Exhibition

SHRINGARA – Tamil Love Poetry in word, song and dance

BHOGAM - Research Seminar

Media Shelf

Open to Paramparai Foundation' students: art-library, gallery, audio-visual recordings of classical music, musicians, dance and dancers. Primary and secondary sources on Indian languages, literatures, philosophy, aesthetics, temples, music, dance and related subjects can be accessed and lend out during summer residencies and workshops.

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